Photo diary: Munich

Munich is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and the capital of the Bavaria province in Germany.

9 things I found on the Internet (Vol. I)

1.  A Moulin Rouge inspired hotel room in Paris Found at Hotel Design Secret de Paris 2.  Wakeskating at the ancient Cleopatra pool Red Bull’s team wake skater Brian Grubb recently headed out to the world famous Cleopatra Pool in Hierapolis, Denizli, hitting up some artificial obstacles (yes, no ruins were harmed) laid out through the historic…

Superheroes 2.0. exhibition

The work of 5 artists wanted to show us a different human side of the superheroes. This pop art exhibition points out that they are just ordinary people with flaws, hopes, break downs, flesh and bones.

Photo diary: Advent in Zagreb, Croatia

The capital of Croatia is offering tourists a variety of attractions and shows which are becoming better and better every year. Boiled wine with cinnamon, sausages, fritters or in Croatian fritule and the traditional shooter drink Rakija are a must try.

10 tips to improve your Instagram

In order to have good photos and an eye-catching profile, you need to plan. Find a niche you love, plan your approach and create something interesting.

Naples, a lovely mess

After a few days in Rome, I headed of to Naples by train. The city lays beneath the Vesuvius volcano which is still considered active. Despite my friend’s advice to not go there, Naples felt like the real heart and soul of old Italy.

My Roman Holiday

This summer I spent 3 days in Italy’s capital before heading of to Naples and the ruins of Pompeii. There is so much to see and do and even 3 days weren’t enough to visit all the beauties this city has to offer. I decided to visit Rome a few months before the trip, when I discovered cheap plane tickets from Croatia to Rome.

In love with flower photography

American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Earth laughs in flowers”. I discovered the magic of photographing flowers four months ago. Actually, I didn’t even know how much I love flowers until I bought my first DSLR camera.